Project Management

Throughout the various elements of a decommissioning project, operators will need a core team to manage the day-to-day activities. This core team will fluctuate over time in proportion to workload and when different areas of specialisation are required.

As well as the in-house decommissioning team, this element of the WBS also includes the preparation of the Comparative Assessment (CA), Environmental Assessment (EA), Decommissioning Programme and Close Out reports, as well as any supporting studies required throughout the project. These studies are undertaken by specialist engineering practitioners who gather information to make robust decisions for decommissioning projects from safety, technical, environmental, societal and economic perspectives.

Decommissioning projects cover a broad range of activities and as a result there are many different regulations and regulators involved throughout the process. Part of any decommissioning project will be to develop a Permits, Licences, Authorisations, Notifications and Consents (PLANC) register. This register maps all necessary applications to regulators and stakeholders and is intended to ensure diligence and the approval of activities in a timely manner prior to the execution of activities. Many activities require different applications to multiple regulators.