Decommissioning Network Guidelines

Learn what you can do to make sure the Decommissioning Support Network is a helpful and welcoming place for everyone.

Support networks is a place to help the decommissioning community to learn, feel open in sharing knowledge and allow each other to get the most out of their experience on ONEDecom. To make this a community where all members feel comfortable to ask and answer questions, follow these guidelines.

1. Help us show respect to all. Most discussions and posts are provided by other Decommissioning users just like you, not all with the same level of experience. Please consider this when you post.

2. Help us encourage everyone to collaborate respectfully.

  • We recommend that you stay on-topic.
  • Bring forward new, helpful information when you reply.
  • Please refrain from name calling, insulting or baiting other members, or making negative comments.
  • We suggest that you avoid using all capital letters, bold fonts, or emphasized words, which may convey a negative tone.

3. Let’s welcome everyone.

  • Reply with useful and positive comments.
  • Everyone deserves respect and dignity in any situation.
  • All members should feel comfortable asking and responding to discussions—regardless of level, skill, knowledge, or experience.
  • When you communicate with other members, keep it friendly.

4. Help other decom members help you.

  • Do your best to post in the appropriate Group and discussion forum. If you can’t find one, create a new group and / or forum.
  • When you post, make sure that your discussion / enquiry is clear. Include details about your specific decom area, your key challenge, and the issue that you want help with.
  • Select a descriptive and concise title for your post.
  • Thank members who point you in the right direction. Mark replies as helpful and mark your question as solved.
  • Learn more about how to find answers and ask new questions.

What are you waiting for? Get networking!