Design for Decommissioning


A truly collaborative and non-partisan JIP to reduce decommissioning costs and improve project execution. FREE to participate and easy to access. Industry wide stakeholder participation and utilisation and lessons learned for shared benefit.

The challenges and issues encountered at the end of a facility’s life may not be foreseen or correctly considered during the design phase. This lack of attention can make the eventual decommissioning work more technically challenging and costly.  The purpose of the database is to identify decommissioning issues based on real industry lessons learnt and translate these into potential solutions which could be implemented in future designs.

Design for Decommissioning

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D4D Database

The D4D Database provides feedback from late life and abandonment operations.  It provides practical guidance to engineers when designing new facilities or modifying existing facilities.

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Add to the many design for decommissioning listings already captured so that industry wide stakeholders can generate value from your collaboration and sharing online. All new D4D listings are reviewed and verified prior to going live.