Waste Management: Lessons Learned

  • Waste Management: Lessons Learned

    Posted by Martin Bjerregaard on November 5, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    Some lessons learned from offshore decommissioning from D3…would be good to build a list of lessons learned to share with industry and look forward to more contributions:

    This summer D3’s surveyors completed their 50th Materials Inventory and Waste Characterisation for platforms of all sizes in the North Sea and the Celtic Sea.

    Some of the main lessons learned from all these projects include:

    • Look for it even if you don’t think you’ve got it…this includes mercury, NORM, and paint with hazardous substances as these are present more often than not

    • Share the Materials Inventory with your supply chain – benefits can arise from early sharing as it will help contractors prepare better for the work, put in place correct procedures to deal with the wastes and increase opportunities to reuse and repurpose plant and machinery

    • All onshore works at the receiving yards comes under Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015, meaning it is the duty of the client (often the Operator) to provide all information held about the asset including hazards and risks…such as

    hazardous paint, oils, mercury etc.

    • When a pipe or tank has been cleaned to ‘hydrocarbon free’ it does not necessarily mean it is clean for dismantling purposes! Be vigilant in understanding the condition of the asset when passed on into the supply chain

    • Ensure the disposal yard can receive all the materials and wastes identified as regards capability, capacity as well as the requisite licences and permits

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