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Technology has a big part to play in delivering value for Decommissioning. The ONEDECOM technology directory is specifically designed to capture learning and knowledge about existing decom technology already available in the supply chain.

The OGTC plays an important role to deliver, accelerate, stimulate and inspire innovation in technology in line with their decommissioning roadmap. But we want to fill that gap in providing a knowledge portal for technology that is already out there and making a difference, whilst linking to other technology sources within industry.

Each technology has a dedicated page where the learning and knowledge is captured under the structured Decommissioning WBS to allow information to be searched more effectively.

As an example, we have three technologies on the portal:

– Technology #1 – Just now gone into Operations

– Technology #2 – Technology deployed on a Decommissioning Project

– Technology #3 – A developing technology being progressed by the OTGC – ONEDECOM pointing to OGTC data.

In launching this new service within ONEDECOM we recognise that in providing a knowledge portal for the decom community we actually need some data.

So, any company that registers their technology during the BETA phase of the Technology Directory will receive a FREE annual membership to ONEDECOM. Better still you get FREE access to the other services included in the ‘premium’ company plan.

Make it easier to integrate, navigate and to find that valuable technology. Simply use the code ‘ONEDECOM’ when selecting a premium company plan. Don’t hesitate to join now.

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