Marginal Gains in Decommissioning

Since we launched ONEDECOM, we now have over 65 members and hope to continue growing the ONEDECOM community.

Yesterday afternoon, I posted a genuine technical query to the ONEDECOM community and within one hour received a response from one of our members, followed by a further member in that group.

So what’s your point I hear you ask? 

We built the ONEDECOM collaborative network with a clear vision to connect people and knowledge in decommissioning. To enable anyone to branch out to the community to obtain support and knowledge in their everyday challenges. In my decommissioning role, I know first-hand through conversations at an Operator, Regulator, Tier One Contractor and Service Company Level that there are always valuable questions / challenges that need to be resolved.

I value my time and always try to be efficient in the way I acquire new knowledge in the decommissioning market to help me deliver value to my business. I am sure I am not the only one who has those same challenges and wants to find new ways of working to acquire that valuable knowledge. That can save us valuable time to be more efficient and more effective in our everyday job.

With my one post to the ONEDECOM community, I have generated value to my business, through the time I have saved searching for that answer. Others in the discussion have also gained additional knowledge on past project delivery.

Imagine if you could apply this model to the Decom community in the UKCS through conversation on our DECOM groups and forums platform. The big picture industry challenges are being addressed by those subject matter experts. However, what about those marginal gains that we can acquire in decommissioning by connecting to the right people, with the right knowledge so we can generate value to our businesses and the UKCS.  

What could marginal gains be worth to the Decom economy?

ONEDECOM isn’t just about the groups and forums, we offer many more services that are fully integrated into the portal.

ONEDECOM need your help in building the community. Its FREE, so why hesitate!

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