Member Showcase


ONEDECOM is now providing all Company Members the chance to host your very own member showcase. Completely FREE for all Company Members, so contact us today at to get started.

  • Company Showcase videos are great windows into organisations to help audiences get to know them better. A video can bring an organisation to life in a tangible and engaging way, plus it’s an opportunity to show your brand values and unique culture.
  • This has many benefits ranging from building trust to making meaningful business connections in the future. The member showcase videos get behind the lens to find out more about the company and the people that offer services to the decom community.
  • The member videos are approximately 15 minutes long and provide a brief Company overview, plus onscreen demo / info share, each member talks about their decom applications, their experience in decom and some of the key lessons that can add value to the community in their decommissioning project delivery.

Plus all the data can be found on the members company profile.