ONEDECOM – ZOOM Interface Launching May

We are excited to tell you about a new feature we are integrating into ONEDECOM. This feature is being progressed and aiming to release later in May. Many ONEDECOM users have asked about virtual Decom conversations in the ONEDECOM interface. With the COVID-19 affecting how people can communicate and interact, going virtual within ONEDECOM has become really important.

So, we have created functionality, that allows you to start ZOOM calls from within ONEDECOM, and member groups, allowing you to view future calls, past calls and recording without having to leave ONEDECOM, and once members have finished the calls they can easily go back to view the recordings.

Why not create your decommissioning group to make your conversations easier online?

Another huge feature that ONEDECOM are excited about is the new documents component. This is a feature we are expecting to release in the coming weeks, this feature will allow you to upload documents into messages, the network feed, lessons learned, group forums and see file previews.

Users can add comments, have a conversation about a specific decommissioning document in your profile and in groups. You will have a document tab which you can organise in folders, rename or delete. There is also a central documents repository which can be accessed by all users based on your ‘visibility’ and privacy settings, all of which will be structured around the Decommissioning WBS.

What a great way to keep Decommissioning knowledge more accessible online for the Decommissioning Community.

Once both features are launched we will add new support videos on how to make Zoom calls and manage your documents online.

We are excited around how both these new features will integrate into the ONEDECOM platform, to strengthen the services we offer.

Take control of your decommissioning conversations today.

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