Well Decommissioning Guidelines – Issue 6


This revision, Issue 6, has been made to clarify and update some areas of the guidelines based on well-operator experience and feedback. It supersedes the guidelines that were originally published in 1995 and then revised and published as Issue 1 in July 2001, with updates in July 2005 as Issue 2, in March 2009 as Issue 3, in July 2012 as Issue 4 and in July 2015 as issue 5.


These guidelines reflect the latest industry approach and encourage innovation and efficiency whilst providing a robust framework for the risk based decision-making process that should accompany any well decommissioning activity.The guidelines have been prepared to support well-operators on the considerations that need to be taken during the phases of decommissioning a well and provide minimum criteria to ensure full and adequate isolation of formation fluids both within the wellbore and from the surface or seabed.

The Guidelines for Decommissioning of Wells, issued by Oil & Gas UK, were previously published as the Guidelines for the Abandonment of Wells, and “well abandonment” and is now referred to as “well decommissioning” where appropriate.

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